jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

Streaming directo con GY-HM650E de JVC y Tricaster.

Teradeck, dispone de plugins para Tricaster que hacen viable el streaming en directo con la GY-HM650 de JVC.

New TekTricaster Switcher
Direct streaming with JVC GY-HM650U camera

This is what is needed to stream directly into the New Tek Tricaster as a live source
  1. First, switch off the Windows firewall (to allow the stream in)
  2.  Next, download the decoder plug in from Teradek for Tricaster (the free one)
  3. http://www.teradek.com/products/tricaster-plugin
  4. Install the plug in
  5. Launch Tricaster
  6. From the Home page, you should see the Teradek option in the “plug in” tab…
  7. Select it, and select the “TCP stream” in streaming option…
  8. Also, set the “motion jitter buffer” to 1000ms
  9. Continue into Tricaster
  10. Start a 720P TCP stream from the JVC GY-HM650U
  11. On the network tab in Tricaster select “obtain” and then “source 1”
  12. Wait several second (2-15), and an image should appear
  13. You’re ready to go live!
  • Note 480 & 1080 has severe jitter in high motion.
  • Note “Auto” jitter buffer setting still has issues (audio & video)
  • Note Tested all bit rates, only 720P was stable
  • Note Camera was Ver 2.05
  • Note Delay was only 1 second!


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